Moving On

This is a time of change for the House of Rous!

Recently, Carol-Anne gave up childminding and has returned to nursery nursing.  She is currently only on the Fife Council supply register but has had a regular placement since starting on the list.  Hopefully some jobs to start in August will be advertised soon.

And now, its my turn for a change.  Having run Furniture Plus since November 2010 and helped it grow in visibility and strength, plus expand or relocate all three sites, its now time to let someone else come in and consolidate.  Its been a tough decision but one that as soon as I'd made it, I felt totally at peace with.  So, I officially part company with this great organisation on 15 June and wish it continued success.

So what will I be doing I hear you ask!  Good question! I'm moving on to do a few different things:

  • 3 days of my life will be spent back working for The Salvation Army again, but this time as the Divisional Charity Shops Operations Manager for the East Scotland region.   This incorporates Fife, Perth & Kinross, Stirling, Falkirk, Clackmannanshire, Edinburgh and the Lothians, across to Shotts and down to Berwick.  I will be picking up the reins from a great guy who has developed this role over the last 4 years.  My role will be to expand the trading presence of the Corps and Centres in the East Scotland region either by opening new shops/furniture projects, or developing existing ones.  Really looking forward to this development role and the exciting challenges and opportunities this will bring.  Its a one year contract but the post is self-perpetuating - in other words, the more successful I can make the trading activities, the longer the post will be funded!
  • 2 days and a couple of evenings of my life will be spent working for the Tayport Community Trust as their Community Development Officer.  My main work will be in exploring the further development of a project that has been on the cards for some time and for which feasibility studies have been undertaken, for a huge sports, arts and community complex on a former council works site. I'll be exploring funding options and looking at ways of generating additional revenue streams as well as increased interest in the project.  This role will be based between home working and community interaction in Tayport so looking forward to the flexibility along with the exciting challenges of this role as well.  Its a 1 year contract but I'll also be looking for continuation funding for the role.
  • If there's any time left, I'll be slowly developing my consultancy work over at   This next year will be spent quietly building up work options and contacts for a range of Social Enterprise Development consultancy, as well as training for carrying out associate tutor work with a couple of organisations.

So its exciting times ahead.  Loving the range of options that are ahead of me which enable me to further develop my skills and visibility as a developer of successful Social Enterprises in Scotland.

Thanks to the many who have helped me reach this point, and given advice on making the leap.  When making the decision, the words of a song kept coming to me and I played the track almost to death on my car CD player.  I leave you with the words of the first verse and chorus of the song, written by Randy Vader.  They really helped me make this leap, and will stay with me constantly.  I hope they may inspire some of you reading this too.  Thanks for reading:

Though the future seems uncertain,
Though the fear erodes my peace,
Though the circumstance seems hopeless
And the doubting will not cease;
I will claim what He has promised
For my heart must recognize,
Mine is not to question
But keep focused on the prize.
Through it all I choose to the serve the Saviour
Through it all I claim Christ as my friend,
Through it all my faith will never waiver,
‘til He calls me home or comes again.
© Copyright 1993 by PraiseGathering Music.

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